SeeSnake® MAX rM200 Series

The rM200 Camera System combines portability with the versatility of the D2 drum series, offering different combinations of push cable stiffness and spring flexibility to tackle any inspection job.

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  • The D2 drum series currently consists of the D2A and D2B drums.
  • The rM200 comes with your choice of drum.
  • Either drum can be purchased separately.
  • Own them both to quickly and easily interchange drums for on-the-job flexibility.


  • Drums feature different push cable lengths, diameters, stiffness and springs.
  • Chose the drum that enables you to easily negotiate turns and tees – there’s a drum that’s right for you!


  • Easy to transport with wheels or carry handle.
  • Dock the CS6x or CS65x digital monitor for convenient transport, operation and storage.