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Our family owned business has been serving North Texas since 2001.


As a small boy I accompanied my Dad and Grandpa when they went on service calls for our family business, Odell's Plumbing and Heating. I learned some valuable lessons from my dad about. He would say, “There’s only one way to do a job and that’s the right way”.

By the age of sixteen I was working on and repairing heavy equipment. I guess this is what molded me into dealing with the fact that nothing comes easy. I learned to work.

I continued in this line of work until 2001 when I established Utility Equipment Technology. Now my son Logan is helping in the business and has proved to be a valuable asset here at Utility Equipment Technology.


382 Stevens Road

Rockwall, TX 75032

phone: 972.771.8958

fax: 972.722.8195

Utility Equipment Technology, 382 Stevens Road, Rockwall, TX 75032

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